About the lab course

The lab course examines urban politics and policy by combining urban theory and methods with an intensive focus on one or more case studies. In addition to social, political and economic issues, the course focuses on history, culture, language, and architecture. The lab features a field research trip to one or more cities (e.g., Istanbul), typically during spring break.

In past years, the Urban Lab was a 1 credit course associated with one or more parent courses. The structure has changed for Spring 2019. The course is now a stand alone, 3 credit course.

Spring 2014 Urban Lab Istanbul (Poli 349) Syllabus 

In Spring 2015, the “parent” course for  Poli 349 will again be Poli 464/362 Comparative Urban Politics and Policy. To enroll in the Istanbul Lab course (Poli 349) you must be registered for the parent course. Prerequisites are not necessary, but if you have had Poli 332, you will have a very good foundation for Poli 464/362 and the urban lab program.

You can find  applications on the Forms and Dates pages of this site. Or, you can also email Prof. Marschall and request one (marschal@rice.edu) .


Overview of Urban Lab Program with Photos from 2013 Field Research Trips to Istanbul and Buenos Aires

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